What is Food-X?

Founded in 2014, Food-X is the first international business accelerator program focused on launching food-related ventures with a multi-stage evergreen fund SOSventures. Food-X partners with early-stage food entrepreneurs to bring out their best potential and take them and their products and services successfully to market in areas of food&beverage, health, and environment that are ripe for disruption.

In addition to up to $40k per team funding for 8% equity, our New York accelerator space will have regular mentor sessions by luminaries such as Dorothy Hamilton (International Culinary Institute, James Beard Foundation), Ben Cohen (Ben&Jerry), Joel Berg (NYCCAH), Sean O'Sullivan (Netflix, 500Startups), David Rose (New York Angels), Danielle Gould (Food+Tech Connect), Bill Liao (WeForest, CoderDojo, Xing co-founder), Shawn Broderick (TechStars, Boston), Brad Higgins (State Department, Goldman Sachs), Charles Adler (Agency.com Kickstarter co-founder), Krysia Zajonc (Local Food Lab), Deborah Estrin (Cornel Univ.), Food-x founder Shen Tong (VFinity Tiananmen activist), and scores of entrepreneurs, nutritionists, food experts, top chefs, investors, business coaches, academians, media and design coaches.   Whether your solution is upstream or downstream, agricultural or technology-based, we will consider providing funding and mentorship to accelerate your company to do well by bringing real change. 

Testimonials from Founders of SOSventures accelerators 

SOSventures is the most ambitious and forward-thinking VC firm out there by a large margin.
— Parsa Ghaffari, CEO at AYLIEN
SOSv backs founders first. They have a terrific understanding of how to build value in a tech business year after year - and bring tremendous focus to the product strategy and team needed to create that value.
— Richard Bryce, Executive Chairman and former CEO, Mapflow (Acquired by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions 2013)
“Key advice and professional and personal mentoring for the team delivered invaluable insights into product development, HR, pricing, sales and marketing.”
— Mark Little, CEO, Storyful (Acquired by NewsCorp 2013)

What experts say about Food-X

I am very impressed and intrigued by your new model of evaluating a large number of new ideas related to a core problem of interest, and creating your own incubator ecosystem of small companies to grow interactively and to which you can very efficiently provide coaching. It is a sustainable farm of ideas that is a system of relationships growing outside the usual bureaucracies and institutional environments.
— A Sustainable Farm of Ideas - Prof. Bruce Wexler, Yale University